Practical information

Various languages     

German – English – Arabic – Chinese – Spanish - French - Italian – Dutch

Various timetables

After 4 o’clock
Wednesday afternoon
Integrated into the timetable
During pedagogical days

Our teachers will travel to the school for a minimum duration of 1,5 hours.


At our school, at your child’s school or at home.


Based on your child’s objectives and needs.
Children will gradually express themselves in the foreign language.
We avoid using translation in order to make the children “think” in the studied language.


We choose teachers with a great sense of youth leadership. Although the teachers keep specific pedagogical purposes in mind, it is important for the children to feel it is a fun activity. Our teachers are all native speakers.


We use methods specially adapted for children based entirely on using the language with recreational activities forming a significant part of the programme.


Maximum 10 children per group.


Learning the language through theatre, sport, art, music and imagination.