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Our teaching methods

With Kiddy and Junior Classes, You can count on quality!

Our methodology, based on important psycho-pedagogical research and constantly refined since 1980, aims to train the child to pick up and reproduce the sounds of another language and to express him- or herself in that language.

The groups of 6 to 10 children maximum give the opportunity for everyone to actively participate and continually improve their skills.

All our teachers are qualified, experienced and only teach in their mother tongue. Motivated and fun to be with, they like teaching young children and teenagers. They adapt themselves to the needs of each child and to the dynamics of their group. Enthusiasts for language teaching, they are continually trained in our pedagogy to guarantee their effectivity!

Our flexible approach allows your child to benefit from a class adapted to his /her age, level and specific needs ! We take into consideration your feedback to ensure that we develop lessons which guarantee the progress of each child !

The variety of techniques and activities provide constant stimulation for each child: games, pictures posters, songs, role playing, DVD, everything is geared towards active practice of the language and initialization to the culture. We always try to be creative in our approach to language learning, using a variety of themes.

Every effort is made to encourage the Juniors to actively use the language they are studying, where they usually only have a passive and theoretical knowledge.


In response to your needs and the company’s evolution - and sometimes in anticipation of these - we have continued to extend our parameters.                                                

Every year we offer new centers, new formulas and a diversification of complementary activities.

With Kiddy & Junior Classes you choose the quality! We select the best teachers and entertainers for your children. They are trained in our pedagogical methods. 
To ensure that these activities are offered at the same high standard as our language courses, we work with specialists in every field.