(15-18 yr olds)

Learn Chinese in the political and cultural capital of China.  The imperial city of Bejing is home to countless heritage landmarks and offers you the modern facilities of a metropolis and the immense tradition of Chinese cuisine !


(13-18 yr olds)

Learn Chinese in Shanghai, formerly known as the « Paris of the East ».  Shanghai is a dynamic, international metropolis offering you a cosmopolitan lifestyle that swings between the ultra-chic of today and thousands of years of Chinese tradition and culture.  Improve or learn the Chinese language and culture in modern schools located in the city centre, close to public transportation

20 Chinese lessons per week.  Also discover the Chinese culture by choosing homestay accommodation in a Chinese host family and participating in excursions and workshops. For instance: Chinese calligraphy, Chinese cooking, Chinese martial arts in the park, field trip to the Forbidden city and excursion to The Great Wall (Bejing school), fieldtrip to the Science and Technology Museum, excursion to Qibao Water Town (Shanghai school).

Accommodation in host family, full board.  Airport transfers included.


from 26/06/2017 to 13/08/2017

Starting dates for beginners: 26/06, 10/07, 24/07 et 7/08/2017
Starting dates for non-beginners: every Monday


1516 $CHIN/ week

Cumulative weeks
Exchange rates being as they are, our prices are indicated in the local currency.

Please send me the brochure and a quote.