Language (3 hrs) + Activity (3hrs)

If your child chooses a course « language + activity », he/she will have 3 hours language classes + 3 hours activity (the same for the entire week).
The activity instruction is usually in French


Sports activities

Mini-club (3-4 yr olds): activities based on games, discovery and fun such as storytelling, games on safe foam surfaces, baby-gym, baby-basket...

Mini-multisport (4-6 yr olds): ball games, miniracket, aquatic games, crazy games, unihoc, baseball, trampoline, kinball, all adapted to small children.

Multisport (6-12 yr olds): ball and racket games,
+ in Woluwe-St-Pierre: swimming pool, trampoline,

Multisports (12-18 yr olds): ball and racket sports, swimming, squash, hockey, trampoline...

Artistic gymnastics (6-12 yr olds): initiation and improvement. For the girls: floor, vault, balance beam and uneven bars, and for the boys: floor, vault, horizontal bar, parallel bars, pommel horse and rings.

Dance (6-12 yr olds): modern dance, funky, hip hop and today's hits, for girls and boys.

Ados Dance (12-18 yr olds): modern dance, funky, hip hop and today's hits. Aimed at older participants, boys and girls.

Mini-tennis (3-6 yr olds):  2hrs mini-tennis courses + 1hr complementary activities. Varied courses, courts adapted to the younger players.
Tennis: 2hrs tennis lessons + 1hr complementary activities. Great courses, for beginners and for more advanced players, in separate groups.

Football and football discovery (4-5 yrs olds and 6-12 yr olds): for the boys but also for the girls! We'll be training like the Pros, so do not forget a change of clothes!

Badminton (6-12 yr olds): 3 hrs, we tackle technique, tactics and the game. If possible bring your own racket. Tournament at the end of the week.

Basket ball (8-12  yr olds): 3hrs, Dribble, basket shots, passing the ball, games and tactics. Tournament at the end of the week.

Swimming discovery (4-5 yr olds): Introduction to water with play. Introduction to floating, swimming on the back and front and breathing under water. Breast- and backstroke techniques. 1h30 in the water. Adapted swimming pool: paddling and swimming areas height 60 cm. 1 monitor for 6 children.

Swimming (6-18 yr olds): Initiation for total beginners in the shallow pool and improvement for others.

Scuba Diving (8-12 yr olds & 12-18 yr olds): Introduction to diving (bring your mask + tuba, with a health certificate confirming physical fitness for scuba diving) + theory.

Horse riding (6-12 yr olds): 1hr of riding lessons, 1hr theory and 1hr various activities (trick riding, games on horseback, grooming...)

Learn about Cycling (3-5 yr olds): Introduction to the bicycle and how to ride it.


Artistic activities

Photography (12-18 yr olds):  CTV offers a course which take place in its laboratories and studios.
Digital photography: introductory and advanced levels with all work on computer using Photoshop. And : photo taking, appraisal of images and exhibition!

Photography for kids (8-12 yr olds): with Clic-Clac Kids

Film making (12-18 yr olds): create your first film! The objective is to learn how to film, create a storyboard, make up a scenario, arrange the setting and finally put everything on a computer while adding animation using photographs, videos, drawings, as well as music and sound effects with CTV.

Young artists (6-12 yr olds): artistic expression, painting, drawing, modeling, themed handicrafts, rhythm, tales and comic strips, drama...

Circus (6-12 yr olds): with specialist coaching, the children can discover the magic of juggling, walking a tightrope, unicycling...

Circomotricity (3-4 yrs): 3 hrs. juggling, stilt, juggling scarves, scooter, plate spinning, diabolo, ...

Kiddy in the kitchen (6-12 yr olds): cooking for children, the first steps to becoming a future chef.

Young Jeweller (8-12 yr olds): 3hrs jewellery making: stringing, mounting with claws, fixing a clasp and learn about the history and symbolism of jewellery and stones.  Students take home their creation at the end of the week.



Other activities

Music awareness (4-6 yr olds): children make their own musical instruments, experiment making sound with different objects and have fun with sound games.

Art & leisure (3-12 yr ols): 3 hrs, Artistic expression and various activities, painting, drawing, modeling, themed handicrafts, rhythm, tales and comic strips, games, playground, museum...

Discover Europe Union (14-18yrs):  explore its institutions with visits to the Parliament. Broaden awareness of Europe: Info-point. European themes. Interviews, meetings. Courses, careers, studies and job opportunities

Styling and customising (12-18 yr olds): The magic world of fashion upcycling. Bring clothes and accesories and leave with a new wardrobe! 

First-aid (8-12 yr olds & 12-18 yr olds): an introduction to the basics of first aid, learn how to deal with minor and more serious injuries.

Fun (3-12 yr olds): baby-fun: 3-5 yr old * mini-fun: 6-9 yr old * fun: 9-12 yr old
A dynamic, multi-activity programme adapted to children ages: sports, recreational and cultural activities.