Prices and sales conditions

Prices and discounts

Have a look at the brochure to check the prices.

  • - 5% for all enrolments of brothers and sisters, sent TOGETHER.
  • - 5% or 10% for personnel or member of collaborating companies (On the enrolment form, please note the name of the company or the organization)

Discounts are not cumulative. Choose the discount most beneficial for you.

We accept «chèques-sport & chèques-culture»

Last-minute enrolments

Check vacancies by calling 02 218 39 20.
Additional fee for late enrolment, after Friday 8 a.m. (Friday before the starting date): + 20€


KJC insurance covers all accidents during courses.

Cancellation of non-residential courses and residential courses in Stoumont

An enrolment is considered as FIRM and DEFINITE even if the payment has not yet been made.
Any cancellation must be made by e-mail or in writing.

Cancellation for medical reason with payment of the cancellation insurance
Reimbursement not taken days on presentation of a medical certificate.

Cancellation for personal reason or for medical reason without payment of the cancellation insurance
Administrative charge:
   * more than 30 days before the course: 0 €
   * from 30 to 3 days before the course: 25 €
   * less than 3 days before the start of the course or during the course: total amount is to be paid.

Cancellation of courses in De Panne, Nieuwpoort and abroad

See the conditions on the enrolment form that will be sent to you.

Cancellation by KJC

KJC reserves the right to cancel a course should the number of enrolments be insufficient.
Full reimbursement.

Payment reminder

All payment reminders will result in an administrative charge of 50 € as well as late-payment interest at 12%.

Pictures and Videos

Some pictures taken during the camp are published on our website. Some pictures and videos may be used by Kiddy & Junior Classes for promotional purpose. If you don’t want your children to appear in these pictures or videos, please notify this in writing to the person in charge of the camp.