Languages and schedule

With Kiddy & Junior Classes, your children will learn 5 different languages.

In the following table, see the day of our weekly group classes for each language:





The classes last 1h30. We can welcome your children 10 minutes before the beginning of the lesson. Don’t worry about finding a parking place, a leader will be at the door and lead your children to the hall to wait for their teachers.


Groups are divided according to age and level with a maximum of 10 children or adolescents per group.

English and Dutch
We will try to stick to the timetable choices you have made, but if we see that your child would be better suited to another group we will bring this to your attention.

German, Chinese, French
Please ask us about the schedule.
We reserve the right to cancel these classes if the number of enrolments is insufficient.

For returning pupils
Where possible, try to re-enrol on the same days at the same time.