Kiddies and the Pirates

Who has not dreamed of taking part in amazing adventures on a pirate ship in the company of Jack Sparrow?  And don’t think this idea is just for little boys!  Famous female adventurers have also sailed the high seas. Assemble the cabin boys & girls, ready for cast off! 

Kiddy at the Circus

Clowns, acrobats and magicians : the circus has always fascinated children.  So why not join in? Put on your Mr. Loyal costume and get started!

Inspector Kiddy

Find the jewel thieves. Investigate the clues and solve the riddles to lock up the bandits and finish your investigation.

Top models of Kiddy

Create your own clothes and accessories. With the right make-up, our Kiddy’s models are ready for the fashion show!

Kiddy at the disco

DJ, choreography, 3 hours entertainment. An afternoon of makarena, bamba….. and do not forget the traditional party-games !

Cooking with Kiddy

Make a culinary World tour and taste the flavors from around the world! An afternoon to make a receipe like the great chefs!